Trader Became Homosexual Because of Boss

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  1. We were all a little stunned when it became public last week that Andrew Tong, a former trader at SAC Capital, had claimed in a lawsuit that his boss, Ping Jiang, has suggested that he take female hormone tablets in a bid to get him more in touch with his feminine side and thus trade more successfully. The problem was, so Tong claims, the tablets put him off his wife (who really wanted to have a baby), got him into wearing women's clothes, and changed his masculinity so much that he embarked on a homosexual affair.

    According to the newspaper, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is now interested in finding out what might have occurred over at SAC. The firm itself is said to have been furious that the allegations were made public (the judge had sealed the lawsuit and sent it to arbitration), and bosses are alleged to have gone 'desk to desk to try and find out who leaked it'.

    Traders think that there's probably not much to these allegations, however. The Post quotes one unnamed source, who said that 'if taking female hormones actually helped you do your job, they would simply hire women (at SAC). But they don't. They don't think women are aggressive enough'.
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    i don't know abt the effeminate thing helping one to trade but i used to have this Indian fund mgr at my place thats a little on this side and takes every opportunity to literally flash his bum at my face, not sure if this means anything ..., btw he has a boyfriend that is clearly a *** and what he does everyday is call up his boyfriend to ask so what u think abt say japan today, give me your best 5 stock ideas to buy, & 5 to short, then all he does is simply does exactly the same thing to the letter, & i always wonder how one can get paid such a huge fee just to be a copycat, of course i have no idea what he has to do in return to get those "free" tips
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    "i always wonder how one can get paid such a huge fee just to be a copycat, "

    what is the difference between your example and most other operatives in this business?:D
  4. Umm, not to be glib, but how was his boyfriend's record?
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    his boyfriend's record, somewhere around 15 - 20 plus % yearly for a decade except 90% + in yr 1999/ 2000, 40+ in 2006, i will say good by fund mgmt standards
  6. The story is baldwedash. He didn't just pop a pill and start fighting for the pink team. The sissy was already light in the loafers.

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    HA HA HA ...and to think of all of who would still LOVE to work at a trading is a egalitarian nightmare if you have some moron boss who makes you switch gender...
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  8. I certainly hope so. I am just so upset to think one man would suck another man off for just money.

    How much did he get? I mean, we all have a price. And SAC is loaded. I won't take hormones, though. I have my pride.
  9. I can hardly wait for the South Park episode about this deal... :D
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