Trader banned after booze session

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by QuenkishZakos, May 20, 2009.

  1. GS, MS et al will be actively recruiting new employees at AA meetings. :cool:
  2. lol, the brits like a beer.
    He traded his way out of it too! :(
  3. he traded out of it at a profit...

    guess that's what he gets for holding overnight...

    (I'm being totally facetious)
  4. 'It appeared that he had "panicked when he realised at some point after 17.04 that he had a short position."'

    LOL...gotta love those limeys.
  5. TUI
  6. It is a fair point and very well made.

    Let us be grateful the Septics don't drink and trade.

    Look at the results when they are sober.......
  7. Illum


    Why some people drink at lunch escapes me, is work that awful? If you're doing some meaningless hard labor that doesn't stimulate your mind at all... then I got it. But an office job? lol Guy is a slob. Drink up, sell at the market 50 to 1, woohooo, where the ladies at??