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  1. I am a consistantly profitable trader in the Los Angeles area, have been trading for over ten years and I am interested in hiring a trader assistant. This job will be pay $10.00 per hour to start and may lead to more opportunities in the future. The primary duties of the job will be to track individual news items intraday, and make observations of stock price movement in relationship to released news. This is more of a research job then a trading job, but you must be fast with strong analytical and computer skills This is a great opportunity for someone to work along side of a sucessful trader, and learn the trading methods I use and have developed over the years.

    I am looking for someone who is extrememly smart, analytical, low key and has a burning desire to learn. Past trading success is not necessary, quite to the contrary, I would prefer to find someone who understands the business, has made a few attempts and failed, and is still searching for what works.

    Please private messege me if interested with details, a contact phone number and email address. If Iam interested I will respond within 48 hours.

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    While Carl Marx forces everyone to question the role of the trader (particularly in an age where inside trading has become increasingly trendy), I find the trading biz compelling. I never grab the bull by its horn, but rather study the market thoroughly and deliver results. Given the precarious economy, the cowboys in America, not to mention the Dutch Queen, have become incredulous of either traders or financial advisors. I would like to assist you with your endeavors; perhaps even teaching you a few tricks that generate the right headlines. Should you need a resume, please buzz me. (Speaking of Commies, even the Commi leader in Romania offers more incentives than you; nevertheless, I still want this gig). Thanks,
  3. $10 per hour? I pay my cleaning lady more than that :D
  4. If he doesn't give you free room and board, you will probably have to sleep in your car and eat out of a dumpster:D
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    A buck there and three pennies here will eventually allow me to build the American Dream: a 3-bedroom tent with a window overlooking the Mississippie River. $10 an hour ain't bad for a beginner who prefers to look inside the box rather than reading another fortune cookie. The cleaning lady is lucky- just make sure she doesn't ask for 401 (K):eek:
  6. I might know someone ....

    Do they need to live in L.A. or can the job be done from another State via the power of the internet.
  7. Hey, that's what assistants in L.A. do... Some are fortuitous enough to have their surf/boogie board with 'em!

    It's quintessential Southern California!
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    I honestly don't understand you guys.

    When I started back in 1983, I was payed $125 a week. I got to the MERC at 6:00 AM in the morning, and left at 5:00 PM. I ususally fell asleep on the way home standing up on the train, horse style.

    That comes to $2.72 an hour in 1983 dollars. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

  9. I agree Nitro it was the same for me $10 per hour in the mailroom of a brokerage house and I had the Canadian winters to deal with not the L.A. sunshine.:D
  10. training with a succesful trader is invaluable. the fact that this person is paying someone to assist them is an awesome deal if he/she is actually a succesful trader.

    if i could have worked with paul tudor jones in the late 80's, i would have paid for that privlege. you guys really have no clue who this may be postiing.

    it definately deserves further exploration for interested parties.

    surfer :)
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