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  1. Hello,

    I'm a recent college graduate, trying to get my foot in the door at a prop firm in Chicago as a clerk. I've applied to random firms out there, but if anyone can provide some additional help, that would be great.



    I know many of people who got their first jobs by standing outside the CBOT by the Ceres patio and talking to traders as they came out to crank butts... u never know who they know. And sorry to break it to you, but you're gonna be running tickets for a while. Prepare to get tossed around like a piece of meat.
  3. don't mind getting tossed around, in fact i'm kind of expecting it at first, all i really want is for a firm to take the chance on me, i know i have the passion and desire for it. you think it would help to just hand out resumes in front of the cbot??
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    Nobody really uses resumes in this business, especially a CBOT floor clerk, just start talking to a few locals outside smoking and go to a few local bars. I am sure someone can suggest a bar or two.

    A neatly folded resume won't hurt I guess, but a firm handshake and confidence is what will get you a clerk's job!

    I was a NYSE telephone clerk for a few years before moving upstairs.

  5. Do these jobs still really exists - I heard there weren't many of them left and because of this reduced demand it is very difficult to get them...?
  6. Floor clerk/runners what ever you want to call them- do not really exist anymore due to the lack of floor trading-99% of trading is done on the screen now.So there is a lack of requirement for a Floor clerk.

    Go watch the t-note/bond order book on a trading platform-Trading is no longer the preserve of the few. masses can now trade.
  7. Outside the CBOE there is a nice courtyard with trees and a fountain. Lots of traders sit out there and have lunch, many alone. Just ask them about their job and go from there. I see plenty of runners. Trading Technologies is in my building and there are lots of runners/clerks coming in and out all day.
  8. what about any sites with a list of firms?? i've contacted most of the firms people have mentioned/listed out here, but i wanted to see if i could get a list or something from the CME or one of the clearing houses perhaps?

    i tried the whole sitting outside by the cbot, but it didn't quite work out the way i would have hoped it would. not many positive responses. how do most of them get their jobs anyway?
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    Daddy or frat brothers, seriously....try again another day at a different time, as mentioned there are not very many clerk/runner jobs these days with most volume on the screen.
  10. so, how do i get behind the screen at one of those firms??
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