Trader 1987 Documentary -Paul Tudor Jones

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  1. ZeroHedge was not the first but rather the last. It all started right here on ET Saturday morning! Now it has gone viral. Pretty cool.
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    The people of zerohedge are playing with fire. They used to publish private material from Merryl and now they are encouraging pritave copyrighted videos to be spread around
  3. tHanks for alerting the ptj legal team. We need more good citizens like you assclown
  4. Give it a rest. There is nothing PTJ or his legal team can do now. The genie is out of the bottle and there is no getting it back in. It is now popping up everywhere. All they will be playing is "whack the mole" going forward.
  5. Thanks Bro
  6. Isn't this the beauty of the net ?
  7. thanks for the link. Hilarious video so far ... but should be interesting
  8. Isn't the beauty of ET! I was scanning it(ET) in that morning and viewership of those videos were only at single digit, after only 24 hours, the first part of it had already surpassed 10k, the rest of them had like average 5k to 6k. It must be a record for trading related videos on Youtube.
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    Why I can't watch the vid from various media players. No pic but has voice.
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