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    Hi ET,
    is anyone here actively using the TradePerformance Software?

    Or is there any other statistical software out there that would let me do similar things as the Tradestation Strategy Performance Report that is included in TradeStation 2000i?

    I would like to be able to import my digital broker statements every night and generate some statistical information. A further step would be to be able to track all my positions in real time. But I would be glad if I would find a usable program where I can manually import the intradaytrades at the end of the day.

    thanx, alain
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    thanx for the link, but this software is only available in combination with certain broker firms.
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    I am the developer of TradePerformance.
    Yes, we have a handful of active users (we anounced TradePerformance 1.0 in January '02.). It is mostly being used
    by the active traders.

    The initial feedback has been predominantly positive.
    Some of the complaints include:
    - needs multi-currency support (have a couple of internaitonal users)
    - needs support for futures
    - needs better reporting/printing
    - needs better transaction importing capability

    With the exception of the multi-currrency requirement, these other items are on my ToDo list for version 2.

    What format are your broker's reports in?

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    I will send you a private message....
  5. It seems from the webpage that it doesn't break down trades to analyze performance by long/short performance, average time in winning and losing trades, things like I mistaken??

    Also, can it import daily reports from IB??

    Is it capable of handling traders who are marked-to-market??

    Thanks for your time,
  6. I guess the answer to my questions is "no"
  7. geringer


    (Sorry for the delay...was responding to a private message)


    actually. it does break down performance by long and short
    (also by long term and short term ... that is, 1 year or more...this is intended for long term investments).

    A number of folks have asked for a report that shows profit as
    a function of time in the trade...minutes, hours, days etc.
    Is this what you need?

    As far as IB reports go, not yet...but high on the priority list since
    alot of the users need this plus I have recently opened my own
    account there ;).

    As far as Mark-to-Market...I assume you are referring to the tax report. The answer here is no. How would such a report look?

  8. Your software looks really useful. When will version 2 be available? Will there be an upgrade cost for existing users?

    Many thanks.
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    Thanks...I originally wrote it for my own needs.

    As far as the upgrades: What I have been doing is adding function in small releases. All existing customers have been upgrading for free. The next release or two will also be a small ones... (i.e. version 1.3, 1.4, etc)

    Not sure when the next major version (i.e. 2.1) will be out but I will definitely have an upgrade path for current customers. (Have not fully decided. )

    Hope that helps.

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