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  1. I recently downloaded TradePerformance in order to track and analyze my trades.

    The software performs fairly well, however I want to issue a warning that the rights to the software package is currently for sale and upgrade policy as well as support is totally non existant.

    Questions I submitted over a week ago on the website have not even been acknowleged by the current owner of the software.

    A pity really, because this software has alot of potential.

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    are there any other software packages that you've tested that can record and produce reports on trading performance? A way to calculate risk parameters would also be nice.

  3. Stator-AFM has the most complete reporting of statistics I have seen. No auto import of trades from your broker though and no trade matching of buys-sells, or in today's lingo short-buy to cover (someday). I want it all, auto downloads, matching and complete reporting and statistics. Still looking.

    Here is a free trade risk calculator:

    scroll down to "Money Management Calculator (Position Sizing)"
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    thank you very much for the links, I appreciate it.

    If I uncover anything better in my research I will certainly post the info.

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    As the original developer of TradePerfrormance I want to
    clarify your previous points.

    It seems you may have gotten the wrong impression about the product and my company. It has been commercial product since
    2002 and we have MANY satisfied customers. (over 500 new
    customers this year!).

    The product is actively being worked on and recently we have
    begun to offer the "Lite" version free of charge. I use it
    everyday in my own personal trading and cannot understand
    how people can trade without a tool like this. Specifically I need
    to see equity curves for each of my individual strategies plus equity curves for my combined results month to date, year to
    date etc. I couldn't trade properly without this.

    Yes, we have been working with a business development firm to help us partner with a larger software company.
    The goal of such a move would be to provide BETTER support, more features, more seamless integration with the brokerage platforms and data feeds.

    Sorry if your email got sucked into my spam filter, this happens sometimes.

    Thanks and sorry again if you got the wrong impression.
  6. I am interested in using your software. I agree with your comments regarding analyzing one's trades is essential.

    As I explained I had some questions which I submitted on the website and were never answered. Unfortunately due to the website "request for support form" I do not have a copy of my questions, and quite frankly I don't remember all of the issues I had.

    I believe your program has a lot of potential, however the lack of a user forum or current owners response concerns me.

    The free lite version is a joke in my opinion, all the essentials are missing.

    This website is your target market. Why not make a sincere effort to promote TradePerformance and provide support, an upgrade policy etc as ALL trading software vendors do?
  7. Just as I thought and witnessed by submitting a support ticket.

    There is no support with Tradeperformance.

    Warning stands.
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    What support ticket are you talking about?

    Did you send an email?

    If there is a problem I would like to know about it.

    Thanks Again,
  9. The page I submitted questions was here:

    My questions were submitted about 3 weeks ago and I have not received a response. Unfortunately, due to the web based contact format I no longer have my list of questions.
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