TradeMavens New Deal!

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    I'm intrigued. Website needs work though. Visually impaired? :D
  2. What do you think is (really) the deal for eLocal managing all those retail accounts tru only one online platform ?....
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    It's just a ploy to charge more fees for a platform on their customers currently using PATS.
  4. why use PATS when you could have been using Transact with TradeMaven?
  5. ok, this is an idea ...but they could use a cheaper clearer such as Transact..and they will have to discount some fees...other scenarios?...
  6. i do not know anything about eLocal so i will be checking into this for the clearing question --- i do not yet know what will happen with TradeMaven customers using Transact data.
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    This is a terrible deal for trademaven IMHO. Upfront it looks fairly decent but what has made Trademaven what it is today, is the Transact data feed and risk management technology. Running TM through PATS makes it another average unreliable platform and we have plenty of those. TM and elocal will become self clearing therefore utilizing their own technolgy rather than the technology which has changed their software. Anybody using TM transact should still be able to utilize their technology. PATS users, you should of been off long ago.
  9. i talked to TM today and they said everything with Transact stays the same for now --- the person i talked to told me he would fill me in with more details on Monday.

    now if i am not mistaking there may be a really good set-up here with eLocal though {don't they have some tie with Fortis?}.

    i am sure more details will be out in the next few business days.
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