Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by NickBarings, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. How is this platform doing in terms
    of reliability ?

    Back like the old days ?
  2. I am using J-Trader and looking to switch to another broker, ever since they changed from elocal its been downhill,,imho

    Looking to switch to Open e cry, Transact or IB?
  3. Biz


    ...Hi, saw your thread and thought I would suggest NinjaTrader through Mirus Futures. Very reliable and fast through the Zen-Fire connection. Service is excellent.
  4. Hi Biz,

    Your second post !

    I got a PM from Ninja_Ray 25 minutes
    ago with the same suggestion.

    Are you a soulbrother of Ninja_Ray ?
  5. Biz,

    Any idea what Mirus charges a round turn?
  6. Biz


    very competitive rates as far as I have found. Anywhere from $5.50 and lower...

    NinjaTrader_Ray sounds like he is of black belt status, I am not that far advanced yet....but hopefully on the way.