TradeMaven - what is going on ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by trader_rachel, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. anyone know what is going on with them at the present time ?
  2. yes are they still charing udner $4 a r/t? who do they clear threw? how's there data feed?
  3. that is what I am trying to find out - how is there new datafeed
  4. there feed sucked under transact
  5. Intersted to see if TM is reliable with any datafeed. TransAct is solid again since they deleted al the old TM software.

    Does TM still show you flat when you may have a position open?

    I love their charting. It may be worth opening two accounts to use TM only as a backup order platform but use their charting.

    I'd love to hear from those still using TM, but apparently, there aren't many on the list.
  6. I have been trying to reach them via phone all day today - and can not get a live person - anyone know what is going on ?
  7. TradeMaven is going thru Man Financial....anyway....that is what a TradeMaven rep told me several weeks ago. TradeMaven and a broker are now one. The broker was eLocal. Seems to me....since that time....things have gone downhill.

    We were about ready to open multiple accounts with TradeMaven....when all the problems started. TradeMaven blamed TransAct for all the problems. I talked to TransAct....they said the last couple of changes that TradeMaven made in their what caused the initial problem.

    Man Financial wanted $2,000 to purchase 1 contract for day trading....compared to most discount brokers @ $500 per contract. I was in contact with someone at TradeMaven....thru Messenger....and said we could get $1,000....which he later retracted.

    So....we have switched to NinjaTrader....and my broker. It is too bad....I did like TradeMaven....and we were going to start up to 10 accounts....but....I felt they weren't being truthful.

    When TradeMaven and the broker....became one....they pulled TradeMaven from other discount least that is what I understand. You may want to check on that....I don't want to give any false info. Regardless....there is no way I will pay $2,000 to buy a contract....even if my trades only last from seconds to a minute or so. I have the money to do that....but why would I when I can be with a broker I trust....and pay $500 and have lower RT commissions.

  8. If you have Windows Messenger....try this:


    Joshua was my contact....seemed nice....but I think this BS has put him into "defensive" position. I think he is okay....but don't know if he can help.