TradeMaven Price Ladder Question

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by electron, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    why is the TM price ladder moving up and down? It's hard to place limit orders this way. The whole ladder just keeps jerking. The price should be moving and not the whole ladder. Is there any way to make it fixed?

  2. duard


    Isn't that the gist of trading technologies xtrader dom patent?
  3. I have used ZLT, NT, FT, BT and they do not suffer from this problem or if they do (FT used to have this problem), it can be fixed...

    So if the gist of the TT patent is to produce jerking motion where it's better not to have one, then this patent is a total joke...
  4. MarkB


    In the latest versions, if you just leave your mouse cursor hovering anywhere over the ladder it will stop moving. Price will move, but the DOM itself will remain static.
  5. Cool, I got it. Thanks a lot...
  6. Shouldn't matter too much as it is a tool specifically designed to pacify the losing segment of the players.
  7. Do you mean any trader using TradeMaven is a loser?! :confused:
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  9. didn't say that.
    we were talking about price ladders.
    if u happen to make money with those, keep on doing so.
  10. off topic question...........does trademaven provide its own datafeed or it a front end for the brokers data feed???? thanks
    #10     Sep 5, 2005