Trademaven/Elocal vs PFG/Trademaven- Any views?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by arntrader, Mar 17, 2006.

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    I am considering Trademaven/Elocal as my brokers. At the moment I use PFG but have found that they don't have seamless data feeding through to the Trademaven platform.

    Should I switch to Elocal?
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    Could you please elaborate a bit more on PFG not having seamless data feeding. I am just about to make a switch the other way, so the more transparent info the better to help us all make better desicions.
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    PFG jams at times although I hear it is better than other brokers. It is generally good but I wanted to know the experience of users of Elocal/Trademaven as compared to PFG/TM
  4. Quite frankly I would steer clear of TM till they get their issues resolved unless of course unstable data feeds and disconnects are a viable part of your trading plan.
  5. If you are willing to use their JTrader platform the feed is reliable (based on RCG infrastructure) supposing you have a good internet connection; clearly Pats does not provide charts.
    The order desk on the phone even after the eLocal/Trademaven fusion is still excellent.
  6. trademaven with elocal is going to be clearing thru edf mann and they will be using the pats data feed which is totally unreliable when the markets are really moving fast - so I would stay away until they find a better data feed and I wish they would fast because I do love trademaven - also it seems like it is a pity that trademaven hooked up with elocal - it seems like trademaven decided to travel in the cargo section (by hooking up with elocal) instead of travelling in first class like they were before
  7. Did you ever trade with elocal?....
  8. Why all the quandary?

    I used to use TradeMaven, but with the previously mentioned data disconnects, building money management models and seeing them disappear, severe lack of customer support and overall bad service I got fed-up after a 3 month period (I really tried to give them the benefit ...)

    Now I've switched to NinjaTrader and I've never looked back.

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  9. Bernard - I never traded with elocal before. I want to use trademaven and I would have no problem going thru elocal if that were the case. Elocal is just the executing broker. The relevant issue is the datafeed - ands using the PATS datafeed is just no way to go. I mean if they tell us that now it is improved (that means in past years, we, the public were lied to by them). All I can say about the PATS datafeed is that any real serious trader who makes money can not use them for any long duration. SO if elocal wants to try and sell us on using Trademaven with Pats - that does not say much about their credibility.
  10. When I had TM with pats feed I had rock solid performance for the 1 year I was with them. I think it may have went down twice in that time. The whole pats problems depends on what broker's servers you are using. Some brokers have servers that it runs great on, some have issues.
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