Trademaven as a Broker??

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  1. To use Trademaven, do we now have to use them as the brokerage? Also, what's the data feed they are going to use (ie-transact, pats etc). How good is their customer support etc. I'm thinking of using them again and want to know if it's worth it. I called them on Friday and kept being put on hold. I'm posting here because they answered little/no questions on the phone. They all seemed confused. Maybe it's just me though. Thanks in advance for all that reply.
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    Well , this is the indusry .
    At the best of my knowledge now you have to use them as Brokers if you want it.

    I do not pesronally think is a bad move at all. Is a buy out and the buyer ( IB, Broker or clearing whatever you like does not change the target) wants to add an edge to his "commodity " business which is offer what all the others are offering i.e. an access to the markets.

    I consider thsi in the other way a very smnart and bright move on the line of RCG with ONYX.

    Whilst your core business is getting commissions more and more inexpensives, you differentiates with a "exclusive" tool.

    Good move. The m,ove only the brightest cand do.
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  4. What I was told from somone who talks directly to TM on a daily basis.

    "Trademaven is demanding all its clients to switch to another clearing firm (with only about $7,000,000 in client equity) if they want to use TradeMaven after the next three or four months"
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    ONYX is an excellent medium level platform. It does what TM does and is guranteed by the TOP TIER CLEARING HOUSE.

    Few problems for non US Customers for internationalization of the Soft, but the rest is absolutely fine (firts month Free than 40 bucks a month)

    It came to my knowlefdge that for NinJa the enormous problems THEY (we) had ( I was alpha & beta tester) on EUREX and non US exchanges (due to the different manner tyo disseminate the data from the different excchanges) are not resolved at all.

    You are plenty of alternatives.

    Or go to where you should, XTRADER PRO. You pay but you have zero zilch zippo problems for years ( I had just one small problem in 1 year)
  6. Try StrategyRunner
    it comes complete with Charts (Onyx doesn't have any charting )
    and its the only server based platform out there (all synthetic orders are running on servers located in the FCM- Clearing house)

    Try out a demo for free (with live feeds and a simulated account)
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    or oterwise everyone came with his button tradrr pippa traderr line tradr micky mouse tradrer etc etc....
    I know rona and the pople from Strategy in Israel since years.
    They are fantastic.

    Now try what you want .

    I tell you one thing
    This idea to trade from the cahrt is pure "bullshit".

    No pro in the world ahs ever had the palest intention to place a trade form the chart.
    Charting is oine job
    Platform to get to market is another job.
    And over
    Bye bye.
  8. so that I can appreciate and understand what you're trying to say,

    take the time to properly type and spell out what you were saying here
  9. Say again?
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