Trademaven 3.1.7 from 08.02.2005 -Data feed

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    Author compared today Trademaven 3.1.7/web site stated
    released today/ with Openecry and Strategy runner from Global future.

    Author strted all 3 real time demo in one time in one computer and overlaped DOME ,that sell column of each DOME
    was near sell column of another .

    1. Volume change for ask price of ERTU5 from Trademaven
    2. Second was Openecry with delay until approx .3 sec
    3. Strategy Runner from Global Future

    Each of company answered some ...
    Trademaven -...we have not cleraing company ,we are not
    broker and received quote direct
    Openecry - ... new version of openecry would presented in november ,can not say all detail
    Global Future - ... Demo version is not priority for company .
    second person -" ... possible error in server
    of another companies / he thought ,that global future win ?/

    Which of person is experienced enough with this kind problem
    and softwareplatform mentioned ?

    Openecry advantage low volume of downloading 1.55mb
    and related to this volume high stability .
    Trademaven need 8 mb and have best datafeed ,but this
    speed possibly related to connection of
    solely or ?
    SR need 12.4 MB and after TT patentsuit some person in ET stated that DOME is worst.
  2. I tried the demo version of Open e-cry (PATS)...and (honestly) it is horrible..... 2/3 seconds of delay...

    They have the possibility to connect the data feed of esignal (switching by PATS), but with some restrictions (i.e... you can't work with the Dome..only buy and sell button)...and it is fast, very fast!

    Call Justin Rucker for more info....

    Strategy Runner Real with Global is pretty good with RCG... not the same level as CQG (the best!), but pretty good

    PS.: the dome with RCG is not dynamic but you can open an account at GCHO to resolve this problem

  3. milstar


    For test was used Openecry downloading from openecry site

    data provider staandart OECD ,not e-signal

    For test of strategyrunner was used globalfuture ,offered from
    Rosental Collins

    for downloading of trademaven wwas sued version from site

    Author compared multiple times for ERTU5 today .Atleast today
    was no doubt ,that winner was Trademaven

    Author compared openecry and Strategy Runner specificaly
    was approx until 4-5 clear delay of best ask price in one minuts
    and delays of another ask ,which was not npossible to notice ,as
    comparsion of best ask price demanded full concetration .
  4. Which broker feed you used for Trademaven ?
  5. nkhoi


    that is light weight , try trial ninja with Open e-cry (PATS) that should give you realistic fill.
  6. use transact's platform if you want something free and good--------if you want great feed with trademaven then use it through transact also for about $50/month {transact is a Futures Commissioning Merchant-----the best way to go---not through an Independent Broker}.
  7. milstar


    Trademaven stated that for test was used feed of E-Signal ,
    not feed of different Broker's