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  1. Does anyone else have a major issue with the TradeMaven 3.0 interface? Specifically the fact that the prices on the ladder disappear when you try to put your mouse over a price?

    ie. You have to keep your mouse in the middle of the ladder.

    From what I understand it's due to a patent conflict and this was the only way around but frankly it makes it virtually impossible for me to trade.

    Anyone have any tricks they are using?

    I'm currently using TradeMaven 2.9.8 but unfortunately it seems that tomorrow I'll have to upgrade to the 3.x version and not looking forward to it.
  2. I started a similar thread today too but not much interest in it, which I was surprised at.

    Wait until all the existing users are forced to switch over to the new versions. Then there will be an uproar as everyone suddenly has to scramble to figure out what to do. For the short term I would recommend trying to get a copy of the older version of the software, but that is probably just a short term solution. Long term I don't know yet.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. From what I understand, all older version won't work after tomorrow so I guess there will be some seriously upset people.

    I'm trying to consider where to move my account to now frankly.
  4. I tried TradeMaven at my eLocal account. Oh god, can somebody come up with a decent, functional, and affordable trading software? Everything out there is either dysfunctional junkware or overpriced trash.
  5. I do not use the tradermaven frontend but use transact execution software. I was told the eventually everyone will have to switch over. They only thing to do is hopefully have an older version or find one. However like I said that is only a short term solution and can change at any point. The funniest thing is that they just started charging a platform fee unless a trader trades a certain volume. The funny thing is to roll that fee out right before they force everyone to switch to the new updated version. I don't see how any firm going with this solution will retain active traders unless they are blackboxes who do not use the market depth. Who the hell can trade when you go to put orders in or worse yet hit the bid or offer and all the size disappears in the whole market depth screen. Long term I don't know what to do either.
  6. Norp


    Are you talking about a Transact platform or TradeMaven ?
    I'm switching over to TMG from Alaron so I can continue to use Trade Maven. I was told $3.80 RT, NO min, $500 day margins, and $2K min to open account.

    What's this about an extra platform fee?

    I also REALLY hate the bid/ask going away when cursor is positioned to place a trade. so I have continued to use a 2.x version. After tomorrow it is supposed to stop working. I'm hoping if I'm opening a new account with TMG ver 2x might stay working for a while-Alaron says they won't cancel TM till 1/15.

    I wish Jeremy would re-consider just how annoying this bid/ask dome dysfunction is to most traders and address it. At the Vegas Traders Expo I was told that they are working on an EVEN better method of displaying the bid/ask while trading. They are a very creative and customer sensitive company so I will believe in them and hope they surprise me without designing something even MORE complicated or something that won't work in the $50 monthly version.

    Ninja went ahead and paid Trader Tech the lic fee so they could keep the dome Bid/Ask. I wish TM would do the same.

    Storn Peterson ("Norp")
  7. I was talking about Transacts execution software, but realize this TT settlement might effect numerous software providers as evidence by TM. The transact software is doing the same thing with the ladder but as of right now they have not forced everyone to switch over to the new version of the software. As many transact traders rely on the DOM and ladder it might really effect their business. The fee I was talking about was the minimum $250 in clearing fees that transact requires per month or a software fee of $250 is charged. That is new as of a couple of months ago.

    I am sure as more traders are hit with this new info from the software front end providers the complaints might start really heating up.
  8. Hey Norp,

    Thanks for the interesting info. I'm considering switching to Ninja Trader since it seems similar in cost and since they've settled won't have that problem. I'm also planning to switching to Interactive Brokers to handle the clearing.

    Is there a reason you don't want to use Ninja Trader?
  9. Who quoted you those clearing minimum fees / software fees?
    I knew of the $400 based on $.55/side TransAct commission; otherwise you have to pay the difference.
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    Hey tbond,

    I thought i would like ninja and spent a lot of time with them at the vegas expo - but it turned out all settings in the dome have to be a "strategy" and you can't set a specific profit/loss for every trade. It always assumes an overall strategy and re-adjusts your profit/loss to an average price. That way every time you buy another contract to improve your average it moves your profit/loss to a new price losing your place in line. Only way around it is to have multiple domes open and stagger your buys across domes. Way too much work for me.
    This may not be an issue for you but it was a big problem for me.

    also the Pats System thing with ninja worries me.
    I'm sticking with Trademaven and I hope their new merger turns out well. I transferred my account today from Alaron

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