Trademade vs. Aspen vs. CQG (programming, market profile, overlays) - help please

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mightyginger, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I'm currently using Aspen for my charting, primarily because it's the cheapest. It seems okay; the market profile works, they have overlays (so code which puts symbols on the screen when, say moving averages crossover etc.) but the problem is it just doesn't "feel right2 if that makes any sense. The guy who sits next to me uses CQG which is a lot more expensive (4 times the price) but it's just so much easier to use. We canget a trial of trademade for free, and I know some people who use it but they've commented that the market profile isn't correct.

    My question is really to people who've used the different packages
    -which do you feel is the easiest to use
    -which do you feel is the most accurate (futures continuations, removing bad data etc.)
    -which one do you think has the best resources (so code available to use from other websites or magazines (e.g. S&C))

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Bridgette


    Not familiar with Trademade....Aspen is second tier to CQG. CQG continues to be the gold standard in clean data source. Have you considered is vastly becoming the 900# gorilla in trading analysis platforms......imho
  3. CQG is pure quality in every part.

    If trading is your livelyhood, you may as well go with the software that has the most to offer ... that you can afford.

    BTW ... never heard of trademade.
  4. oops. it's tradermade.

    Yes, I agree CQG is fantastic but too pricey (I work for a bank but would like to have something a little easier to use than Aspen). Agreed, if I was punting from home I'd have CQG or somethng similar. Guy next to me uses CQG but he's a senior trader - so he gets stuff like that ;)

    He is interested in potentially switching if something else is as good and cheaper. ESignal is very, very cheap though so having a look at though - might be eaiser for coding too.
  5. CQG is the ultimate trader's choice.

    Tradestation and Esignal are good software (even if coding is easier in CQG) but the data quality is not there. Run the same trading system on different esignal servers and you won't get the same results.
  6. how much it is plz? there's no information on there website..
  7. I think it's about £800-1000/month for eurex and liffe.