TRADELOGGER : this free tool might just save your account from premature blow-up

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silvermotion, Feb 9, 2008.


    This is a simple tool designed for newbies or struggling traders

    What it does is that it tracks your equity curve versus a moving average. When your equity curve gets below the moving average, you switch from live trading to sim, while continuing logging your trades, and when your equity gets back above the moving average, you can resume live trading

    If you really suck at trading, the tool wont let you take a single live trade, thus saving your account from premature death.

    Warning : if your are a good trader, this tool, like any risk reducing measure, will reduce your overall profits
  2. naked1


    the most stupid thing I ever saw
  3. like i mentioned, its designed for newbies. It will make their account last much longer if they really suck at trading. That is the whole point. We all know that you don't need such a tool because you make such a tremendous amount of money day in and day out, but please think about the newbies who are losing everyday or almost and facing the anguish and carnage we all went through when we started.
  4. jtnet


    agreed, i guess excel doesn't make charts these days.

    if u are a newb u gotta worry about being + everyday, who cares about a line.
  5. before being in the green everyday, you need to go through the phase of being in the red everyday.