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  1. Anybody else using this package to track your P&L and keep understandable records for your accountant. I found this through IB website and am not connected but have tested different broker formats for them. It works great and should get my accountant off my back.
  2. I used tradelog for 2001 with another broker. Does tradelog work with IB monthly trade records? Can you download the whole year at one time from IB or do you have to do it a month at a time. So far I have only used it for year end tax purposes but I should probably be keeping up on a monthly basis. I had a few problems with tradelog last year but managed to get it figured out just before April 15th. Not going to wait so long this year. :confused:
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    I have Tradelog and it has saved me a lot of work. I was able to download the entire year in a format that was acceptable to my accountant (and more importantly, the IRS) I am now switching to IB, and I haven't checked yet if you can download directly from their clearing house. Well worth the money.
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    Use it. It's aa great feature