Tradelog & its customer service

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by aicohn, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. aicohn


    I've had endless problems with this software. They post revisions many times per month. Their software regularly stops accepting downloads from fidelity "because fidelity changed their download format again". Every one of their revisions/upgrades requires going back to customer service because of one or more problems with download or installation.

    The last time, I exclaimed their software "sucks" because of this. This prompted an email from the president of the company threatening to revoke the customer serive I had paid for. I escalated this by stating that I had paid for that customer service & they should either get me a consistently working system or refund my money. Otherwise, they should expect to be hearing from (and I fully expect to complain to) the better business bureau, the federal trade commission and (the govt's internet fraud complaint site). I've never seen such rude customer serive, or an utterly incompetent technical company. The way these guys rationalize their failures ("fidelity changed its format again", "the problem is with your browser",...) is enormous.

    I'm going back to using gainskeeper though it's slightly more expenisve. I use such software to save my valuable time. But tradelog simply doesn't work. The software doesn't work. Their upgrade/revisions do not work. Their customer service does not work.

    Avoid tradelog at all costs.