TradeLog / GainsKeeper question

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Sol, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Sol


    Hello Everyone--

    Last year was my first year trading and I need some feedback on software that will create a Schedule D. I’ve been considering GainsKeeper and TradeLog.

    Do you know if either GainsKeeper or TradeLog accounts for wash sales that occur across different brokerage accounts?

    Also, does TradeLog have a function that lets you aggregate multiple brokerage accounts onto a single Schedule D? I haven’t been able to find a specific reference to this functionality on the Trade Log website or their online tutorial.

    Finally, does anyone have an opinion on which program--GainsKeeper or TradeLog--is more accurate or reliable. I certainly don’t want a software bug to result in an incorrect Schedule D!


  2. ut2DaMax


    Works great for generating a schedule D for stocks. If you have several Broker accounts, yes they will all be compiled together into one Schedle D. They are great! You can use it for different brokers like MB Trading for example @

    I would like to know if Gainskeeper also keeps records for Futures and or Forex. I guess I will need to check into that.