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    I have decided to use TradeLink to build my day-trade future system instead of building my own system because it gives me the most flexibility while I don't need to rebuild a lot of things that is in TradeLink. Another reason is that it uses real C#. C# should give me a lot of freedom for what I can do and easy to find resource comparing to amibroker/ninjatrader script. TradeLink should have very good performance comparing with all other retail level trading system. If one day I get to very serious level and need to modify TradeLink, it is open source so I can do whatever I need too.

    Does anyone here get used to TradeLink? Welcome to chat and share!
  2. if you want to chat about tradelink you want
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    Thx for letting me know. I know that place but just also fun to chat over here as well. That place is more formal productive discussion with each new post requires approve.
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    There was an active guy here named "tradelink" but he is not around anymore. He should be one of the developers.
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    Focus on your strategies vs trading platform.

    I personally enjoy using NinjaTrader. It got a bad rap years ago regarding stability and it still has its issues not related to stability, but its C#-based NinjaScript is a joy to code up indicators and strategies. v7 development is in maintenance mode only while they focus their current development efforts on v8. Market Replay data is free from NinjaTrader. Get free backtesting data from your broker or other providers.