Tradelink VS AmiBroker VS TradeStation

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    Which one is better for automated trading and back-testing? I am going to use Interactive Broker with it, thanks!
  2. Of the three, Tradelink is an order of magnitude more flexible and better. Contingent on you having some minimal programming skills.

    For those with limited programming capability, Amibroker is better than TradeStation.
  3. are these comparable with MultiCharts and/or NinjaTrader?
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    Thanks for sharing.
    I am a programmer so it should be fine for me. I read some threads about Tradelink and seem like it is not that completed, is it much better now? Is it a google support project or a private project? Earning by support subscription?
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    Because your strategies are based on C# and can incorporate .NET or other libraries. Where as the other two can not.
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    Sound like very good
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    you keep asking what is better than this, better than that, advice in programming language, etc... but i am yet to see any requirements at all...

    tell me, if you start a coding project... are you not provided with clear requirements from your BA and PM team? so why are you not doing the same thing for this?

    if you know how to write code, the dialect wont make a difference to you as long as it is properly documented...

    the choice of platform only has to do with what you are trying to do.. so define to yourself first what you are trying to do, then perform a comparison between each platform assigning values to what you find important for your effort (in other words score their features based on your requirements) and then determine which one is better...

    asking us is like asking what you should drive(method of transport), when that all depends as to how far you want to get...
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    If I don't know about bus,airplan,train that well, may be it is good to ask other the advantage and disadvantage of each before I choose one.
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    wow, not sure how long you've been "programming" for... but any true coder would have done their own research the way I just suggested... not only that, any true coder would have known his requirements and know to find the best tool to meet his req rather than to ask a forum, "which one is best" and get flooded with noise from everyone who provides advice based on their requirements without ever knowing yours...

    but hey, your time... I am out of this thread... utter waste of time.
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