tradelink problem.need solution

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  1. bharatk8


    After opening TWS,I clicked on tradelink connectors for IB>quotopia>entered symbols>double clicked on symbol>checked mkt. order>send.

    Order was not executed.See image and point out my mistake.Show correct way.
  2. cstfx


    It would help if you actually posted the image first.
  3. bharatk8


    pl. see image
  4. bharatk8


    I was not able to upload image so copy-pasting the message.Though I have entered correct symbol and that symbol displays quotes too,message says that security type is not valid

    Starting tradelink broker server...
    154304 Started TL BrokerServer TradeLinkServer [ 0.1.2596]

    154304 Using bar price data: MIDPOINT

    154304 Using all bar data available.

    154304 Looking for 5 TWS instances...

    154304 -------------------------------

    154304 Found instance at port: 7496

    154305 Nothing found at port: 7497

    154306 Nothing found at port: 7498

    154307 Nothing found at port: 7499

    154308 Nothing found at port: 7500

    154308 -------------------------------

    154308 Found 1 of 5.

    154308 For more instances, change value in: TwsServer.Config.txt

    154308 Found accounts: DU15129

    154308 Using currency: USD

    154331 Client TradeLinkClient connected.

    154331 Client TradeLinkClient disconnected.

    154331 Client Quotopiaquote connected.

    154331 Cleared stocks for Quotopiaquote

    154331 Client Quotopiaexec connected.

    154355 Client Quotopiaquote registered: MAN

    154401 Client Quotopiaquote registered: MAN,SAP

    154419 Error validating request:-'xb' : cause - Please enter a valid security type [err:321] [ibid:3657] [tlid:32188996]
  5. bharatk8