tradelink and MT4 bridge

Discussion in 'Programming' started by mcgene4xpro, May 31, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I am planning on use Tradelink to host my automated trading strategy. However, i would like to still be able to connect/trade with MT4 brokers. Is there any way to use tradelink to connect/execute via MT4.
    and could i smart route to several MT4 brokers? Is there any already-made solution?

    Hopefully, something is reliable and fast out there
  2. Where are the coders and tradelink guys?

  3. You'll probably have more luck searching/asking in the tradelink google group.
  4. Write trade execution info to file and MT4 EA reads the file.
  5. Would this solution can handle frequent trading style " 20 trades/minute on each instrument"?

    I am not a coder but i have read that this solution is crude.

    I am looking for a real, stable, fast " < milliseconds range" , well-documented solution