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  1. I am starting this thread because I was thinking about when I first started trading and how I gathered as much information as I could and then I took the painstakingly long task of trying to categorize my information by importance and truthful or not.

    basically trading fact or fiction.

    this is not just for my review. feel free to offer your own service/educator links and your own
    view of what they offer from your own opinion.

    Let's try not to attack each other and argue about certain services but ALL OPINIONS are welcome.

    This will not be a full review of the entire offering for each service educator or signal generator as far as costs and all of that it is more of an objective and truthful opinion from me and others as to if the services are worth the price or even for free!

    Last DO NOT try and sell services here on this site. this site has paid advertisers and I respect the owner of the site and the paying customers but we can have open discussions of other services and fi they are any good or not without actually trying to plug them.

    I will start with this guy who popped up on my youtube feed.
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  2. What guy. I see no links or maybe I have gone partially blind. OMG I hope not. :wtf:
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  3. FORTETRADER on youtube.

    I watched a couple of his hilarious videos. I say hilarious because he is trying to sell himself
    as a gym rat and meat head who dabbles in futures trading! However he does say that he has been trading since 2003! But he just now discovered you tube!! (2018) think about that one

    He says stuff like oh yeah look at this chart you buy the low one and sell the high one and i dont know why but it works i mean you just get in and hold it and walla the spread makes you money all the time. Then he will say oh but you can lose and you can lose also but the funniest part is how he is all over the board and his speech patterns sound like he is getting intravenous adderal and that alone is not enough to keep him on task!

    He likes to jump to his charts and then to make it seem like he is really dumb which he is not for sure then he will make stupid mistakes on purpose for entertainment or personality in his vids. he is the common man just like you and me and he is making money trading. ha ha ha. anyway this is a very common ploy by most sales people because it gives them the largest target market.

    Free newsletters free picks etc. same crap different day oh and if he has been trading sincde 2003 why is he just now saying he likes spreads lmao. but he crushes it in stock options he says but he cannot make money trading the micro index contracts at all he says but he has been trying.

    It all looks like demo to me and you must be very suspicious of all of these new guru teeachers who have jumped on the bandwagon of at home day trading just like in 1998 and 1999 when all the bear sided traders got blownout and needed to recover some losses so they started teaching and selling products.

    I am not saying this guy is not entertaining and you may fine a small nugget of info but his style of being ridiculously dumb about why he makes trades etc but then he has an algo fo automation makes no sense because algos/auto trades are strictly by the numbers so he contradicts himself all of the time anyway
    feel free to link some more and maybe we can find some good and bad ones out there.

    if this thread is against the rules somehow just delete it
  4. the guy was going to be in the second post
  6. futurestrader71

    I would say this guy is pretty genuine but he has rubbed some outfits and people the wrong way numerous times but havent we all ! and finally has opened his own brokerage. He has a seat and makes lots of money on the clearing fees and commissions which makes you wonder why he is not just trading his way to a fortune!

    My guess is that he cannot handle risk all that well so he wants to make money off of trades because that is pretty much risk free but I do like what this guy has to say in some of videos.

    It takes a lot of time and energy to be a successful trader and why he would put this much time and energy into a brokerage instead of trading is probably the only answer we need. However there are lots of guys who have seats and also own IB's.

    I do know that he poached some brokers recently in order to open up his IB but that is what makes competition and a free market a good thing. ALL in all i like this guy and having dealt with some of the brokers at his new firm at other firms I would say they are above board.

    There was a time period where he did not want reduced margins for day traders on index futures. micros and minis. he was oppossed to this because he said it was not safe or smart for them which makes me wonder now.. at his "OWN" firm did he reduce the margins for day trading? i bet he did and that my friends is what we call a plan in motion way before he opened his own he wanted others to not offer low margins and pick up more customers!

    Any way this guy is pretty legit

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  8. portnoy

    just a bored rich guy who plays the market and even if he lost it all in his trading accoutn probably makes enough in dividends to cover any losses.

    very entertaining though

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  9. mmcrypto

    bahaaa the terminator of crypto!! yo adrian the russians kid is a crypto trader!!

    warning bring earplugs or call a friend and play this guy and see how long before they hang up.. bahahah ahahaha ahhaah ahaha
  10. all of his dreams off the laptop in a make shift hotel room bahahaha when is he going to start snorting some trendlines!!
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