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  1. Anyone try Tradeking yet? They are new, got a real good review in Barrons. Cheap too! $4.95 a trade! I poked around a bit and am going to open an looking site.
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    wow, really?

    thanks for coming to create a login just to tell us you're going to open an account.

  3. get bent
  4. I opened a brokerage account and a custodial for my nephew pretty easily, it kept my info and only asked me for my nephew's info. I have also filled out the realtime quote agreement, which was cumbersome, why do all brokerage firms seem to have this awful, clunky agreement? :(

    Anyway, I played around with some of the option scanners and the option chains. The scanners are popups with cool features and the chains seem pretty robust. Overall, it looks like these guys mean business. I will post more when I start to trade. If anyone else uses them, please leave some feedback on your experience.
  5. While the website appears very well designed, there's really little incentive for anybody to switch, considering their fees. They don't appear to be after the crowd in this forum.
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    I tried to open an account since there is no minimum and I wanted see their research pages but I was told that they have no licence to do business in TX.

    Should I cheat and give them my old out of state address if they do not verify my address?
  7. Anyone have any experience with Tradking yet?
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    adityanm, providing invalid address is not a very good idea. You might lose importatnt mails sent by the broker.
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    It is a moot point now since they just informed me that they have permission to do business in my state.
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