TradeKing a bad idea?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by harrybear, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. I just started building my portfolio
    and was doing some research and
    was wondering if Tradeking is a bad company
    anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I have been using them for a year now and they have been very good to work with. Although I am not a day trader and typically hold my positions for at least a week. They are also have great option calculators to plan for "what if" scenarios. They are a discount broker without any frills. Their charting package leaves much to be desired, But I use a different service for charting anyway. I would recomend them for the kind of trading I do, but if you need all the tools, and streaming quotes, I think there are better brokers out there. TradeKing does have live streaming quotes, but you must place at least 40 trades per month. With that being said, the platform is very user friendly and intuitive. I have not experienced any problems.
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  4. It's hard to believe people can think this garbage won't be sniffed out on ET. Come on guys, this is pathetic. Either pay for your advertising or be more creative, right now you look like desperate losers.
  5. yayt


    For the most part, when I used to trade with TradeKing, I had no complaints, except one time there was a MAJOR screwup which made me switch to interactive brokers:

    I sent a sell market order when the market was moving against me very fast. Within 30 seconds it had been executed - or at least that is what the Orders page said.

    After lamenting the small loss that was completely my fault, I took a two hour break. I come back, and to my AMAZEMENT: my position that I had thought had sold was STILL OPEN.

    I checked the Orders page and the trade that had "executed" was gone. I did not call for an explanation, because this happening even once was unacceptable to me.
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  7. the only differnece is im not spam
    ill still be on the message boards
    asking questions because i really
    want to know

    i know it looks like spam i guess
    but im in no way trying to promote tradeking

    i am begining FOR REAL
    and kind of cautious where to start
    i heard some bad things about tradeking
    and some good but i cant really sort out
    which are real and not

    ..thus why i come to message boards for help
    i am sorry that i don't have 30 million post
    but time is money

    thanxs help would still be appreciated
  8. We believe you!

    Well, actually we don't :(
  9. all i want to know is if
    trade king is good or crap

    i just want to know if i join them
    if they'll just dick me a month down the

    but i guess from what i read they are going
    to dick me...along with the rest of you
  10. When you are on ET for awhile you see these sorts of scams all the time. Not saying YOU are a scam but when two posters start a discussion about a firm and both posters are brand new, you can't help but assume spam.

    As traders, its in our nature to be suspicious of certain things.

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