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    Any user updates on this? Has the EOD version been useful? Is there a scanner and if so, what does it do?
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    I've only tried tradeguider live on short term time frames, trading e-minis. Haven't put much money on the line with it yet, but I will say that its VSA indicators have a phenomenal ability to identify reversals, or at least a temporary pullback in a move.

    Are you using the software?
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    Not yet. But, I'm thinking of trying the EOD version.
  4. A trader in my office is currently using the RT version of TradeGuider and he is very happy with it. He's been trading mainly ES and EC, and like a previous poster stated, it has a knack for catching reversals. It apparently uses price and volume analysis in the Richard Wyckoff tradition to identify signs of strength and signs of weakness.
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    I have been using TG EOD and RT since Oct. TG has a very unique concept. If you can take your time, learn & practise the concept, you will make money. My advise for you is to digest the "“MASTER THE MARKETS”' e-book. If you believe in the concept, TG will be for you to trade the concept.

    Hope it helps.

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    I thought it was pretty unique too, after seeing it at Trading Expo.. Where do you get that e-book, Master the Markets?

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    Thanks Roger!

    3 month lease option - $595 (for new TradeGuider customers only)
    Seems to be good software, despite high monthly price,
    still the vendor don't want to offer it for one time purchase.