Tradeguider wanted

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Urdrik, Jul 28, 2006.

  1. Urdrik


    Licensed copy only. Will either buy it or exchange for e-books or software.

  2. I will sell you my copy if you are still interested.


    Where did you guys find out about TraderGuider from?
    Who uses this form of trading?

    How much ? you sale-ing it for?
    Would you be willing to lend it out, for a fee, like for say two weeks or something?

    Any info would be great,


  4. I can not lend it out because there is no way to control the login once I give it to you. Also you need to have a data feed to use it. I paid 2995 for it about 3 years ago. I would sell it for 1000 at which time I would notify TG that you are the new owner and they will issue you your own username and password to make it offically yours. They will also add you to their current client list so that you recieve all their speical client only events which include private siminars with Tom Williams.... etc....



    ok iunderstand.
    what is so great about it any how?
  6. Can anyone imagine circumstances under which they would sell software that made them money?

    What does that say about tradeguider?

    That its a piece of crap?
  7. The reason you would buy it is because it's a great learning / trading tool. I have took the signals that I like out of it and coded it to my prop system and hence have no need for the software anylonger. If someone was interested in it I'm selling it for alot less than the retail price. I figure someone might enjoy that discount.