TradeGuider Professional Chart Reading Boot Camp DVD's Wanted

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Siddhartha, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Looking for the "TradeGuider Professional Chart Reading Boot Camp DVD's".

    Anyone got some to sell...?

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    The PDF version of Mastering The Markets by Tom Williams will tell you everything you need to know about chart reading.

    I doubt there could be much more in a re-packaged CD course.

    The PDF version has been floating around for years, just look for it.
  3. Yeah I've read it thanks.

    But a couple of posters I respect on the various forums have said the DVD course is very much worth it because it clarifies many points from the book...
  4. I have the Professional Chart Reading Boot Camp CD's for sale. $200 US including shipping with tracking.

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    Ian, please check your PMs.
  6. Master the Markets is a very watered-down version of Williams' first book, Undeclared Secrets. MTM is largely written to sell an expensive, unecessary piece of software, with info of value from the first book removed in large quantities.

    The DVD's are good, and do cover some things not clearly or extensively explained in the MTM book, as well as being closer to the focus of the first book. TradeGuider charges an absurd price for them (along with everything else they sell), but the presentations are a good starting point.

    They used to do a free Chart of the Week presentation that was often quite good as well, but now they figure they've got enough fished hooked by screaming about market manipulation and an obvious call in the oil market, so no longer do these.