TradeGuider EOD 2.5

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  1. Bohunck


    I Have an unopened, legal boxed set of TradeGuider EOD ver. 2.5 (2005). I did open the outer shrink wrap to make sure all components are present. The unopened inner shrink wrap contains a program CD and Tom Williams’ “Master The Markets” paperback book.

    Since I swing trade/scalp Forex and not stocks, I have no need for this software on an EOD basis and would rather have the RT version. Read pertinent details on

    We all know what the current version is worth ($1295) on the website and how this works. The website states that transfer of license is $199; so either you can register it yourself or add $199 to the offer and I can. Shipping will be at cost, depending upon your location.

    Please PM me if you are interested. For protection of all parties, I accept PayPal.

  2. It isn't WORTH $1295, it SELLS for $1295. There is a world of difference between the two. 99% of these are worth nothing.
  3. Bohunck


    You're exactly right about worth vs cost. Worth is only determined by the market. I will accept any reasonable offers. Again this is a legal licensed version of software that can be used to confirm other entries. The asking price is to be determined by you; the buyer.

    I will set the initial asking price at $400 since it is a back version. That can be made back quite quickly. :)
  4. BZee


    You may want to check with Tradeguider to see what they currently charge to relicense it. I believe they now charge a hefty $600 to relicense it.