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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by sidi, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. sidi


    did anyone experience the tradefreedom platform.
    I am curious to know about because I see they ranked No1 in Canada
  2. I have traded with them until recently. About the fact that they was the number 1 of DAT brokers in Canada was maybe true until recently, but I am suspecting that this will not be the case now, with CyberTrader Canada and IB Canada (also in few times Terra Nova and Datek). The worst thing was their non-reliable RealTick, if you attempt to trade in fast market (as the open market) it was hard to obtain the data at these moment. Also the data was very expensive for their reliability level. Don't use their RealTick in this case if you don't be a loser. Their fee for the data was high, the commission for the trade was right (for Canada, far if your compare with many US DAT brokers) until IB Canada opened in June.

    The good things for them are a good staff that support client, and in near future they will use PointDirex interface (now in beta) for to trade this could be helping for a reliable system, but I don't know if they will have the same fee than PointDirex (I have a lot of doubts about it, but wait and see).

    Hope to be helpfull!
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    You should check out Swifttrade in Montreal for your internet trading. They are using a new product, LiquidTrader and it seems to be working pretty well. There were some small bumps at the beginning, but the executions are quick and the application is easy to learn and use. Give them a shout, just an opinion.
  4. I know many traders that have quit SwiftTrade, they don't have competitive fee (many hidden cost fee on their website) if you compare correctly to TF and a very very unreliable service!
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    I was comparing the RealTick pricing from TF to ST internet pricing. There are lower costs with volume. I trade pretty heavily, so I have a good rate, lower than what TF offered me(that was with Realtick). I have heard nothing good about the PointDir product, so I haven't even bother with getting a price. The most important point though is the executions are good and as long as the pricing is fairly competitive, and it is in my case, I'm happy. As with anything, check it out first and make your own call.
  6. As it have been reported many times, Swift are more interesting to have PROP traders than online traders. What I have seen from Swiftrade plateform was unreliable softwares for online users and it will be hard to say something for to help them, because they change their softwares each month for another different products because they cannot offer something that work fine! I think that PointDirex could work better than Swift softwares if you read carefully this forum. Also if you read Prisitne forum, you will discover a lot of bad comments about Swift, this is maybe the reason why Prisitne had stopped their relationships with Swift...

    For the price, a trade on ISLD with TF is 15.95$ for 1000 shares+1$, with SwifTrade 14.95$+1000x0.0019¢/share = 16.85$ it seem that they have similar price for trade!

    For a more realiable and professsional solution, use CyberTrader Canada, easy to obtain lower commission (from 9.95 to 14.95 for 1000 shares).

    Another fast and more reliable solution in replacement for TF or Swift is to use IB Canada, 7.50$ for 1000 shares, cannot beat it for the moment!

    As you seen, with this spectrum you have the choice.
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    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Now I am trying the CyberTraderPro, I find that is offered by in Canada.

    IB doesn't offer level II and I don't Know so much about them.

    I found also that Jitney Group ( is TerraNova for Canada but the minimum for opening account is 25000 $.

    thanks again.

  8. IB has Level II but it is not competitive for the price, I suggest to use eSignal IB integration (now in beta 7.1 release) for the same price and you obtain top level graphic in real-time with L2 free if you take annual subscription. This integration with eSignal presently available for CyberTrader X2 client if you prefer the other choice.

    Good trading!