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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Synonym, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Hi all
    I'm currently trialing Multicharts and was more than a little concerned to read Vienna's recent post re data gaps!

    As i'm surevlots of you know, it can be really hard to find a reliable SW and data combo that does what you need it to, so much so i think the SW companies have our arms up our backs sometimes.

    There's very little new stuff posted on ET about Tradecision or Investor/RT from Linnsoft and I was wondering what are people's experiences of them.

    If anyone's got any insights i'd be really interested.

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    Wow looks like there aren't that many people who have used Tradecision or Investor RT lately!!
  3. I LOVE Investor RT and their Volume Breakdown tool!!!
  4. Tradecision isn't worth the money unless you really love Neural Nets.
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    Right. I have no experience of them and don't currently wish to use them. Any recommends instead then?
  6. The two I use are Amibroker and Tradersstudio. I use AB for quick prototyping, and then TS for more detailed reporting.
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    I was actually thinking of the same combination. TS for strategy development and testing and Ami for more advanced charting.
  8. Yeah it's a good combo.....AB's charting is excellent imho although it doesn't do a great job with PnF or other alternative type charting.
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    Cool. Thanks droskill.