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  1. I use Tradecast with E-signal they give me $9.95 trades the hot keys are great does anyone else use them or have any comments
  2. mktman


    Been using Tradecast for 1.5 yrs.
    Very satisfied and happy.
    Few problems and if there are any they resolve them quickly.
    One note Tradecast was bought out or sold to Ameritrade, consequently the software now has the title Ameritradepro.
    Same software nothing has changed.
    The transition went smoothly.
    Would recommend them.

  3. Yes they did change ownership. They are based out of Houston which is where I have an office, also one in Nashville, they are nice to work with.
  4. ajax_g


    I checked their website out but didn't find any info about the FEEs.

    How much do you pay for the RTQ data feed?

    Is this 9.95 for all kind of orders(limit-market)?

    What about options?

    Could you comment on this?

  5. If you do like 50 trades there is no cost, it may be 100 trades, if not the feed is like $99. You can call them ar 877-303-7844. I do about 500 trades a month so I pay nothing and get $9.99 trades
  6. mktman


    Their web site has changed now is:

    Concerning the fees I was told they are negotiable based on volume and will change the first of the year ($13.95 top to $9.95 lowest).
    Hopefully, I was told correctly.

  7. mktman


    It's 25 trades per month not 50 nor 100 for no software fee.