Tradecast, Would YOU??

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by tickerwatcher3, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. If you could use the Tradecast platform and trade at .003 per share + ecn's would it be worth it?

    No quote fees, includes charts and no other fees.

    I heard Ameritrade is going to bring the platform back out. They said they're going to become the king of indepent traders.

    What do you think?
  2. Where did you hear that?
  3. I have account at Ameritrade, and love to be with them again.

    Tradecast is a pro Plateform, unlike their current webbased.
    I don't think they afford to offer .003 Even excluding Ecn, it too

    Can you provide a link to that news?
  4. In a past life I used TradeCast and it seemed rock solid. If this is true I would be interested in taking a look.
  5. lundy


    I also used tradecast before. It was the best platform I ever used.
  6. I talked to Ameritrade recently and their rep said there is a big change coming late '03 or early '04 when they finish incorporating all the old Datek customers into the AMTD family. I guessing that the Datek customers would not like losing their platform when the switch is made, so AMTD is going to provide something (maybe TradeCast???) to all their customers, or at least the highly valued ones.

  7. I think they are on drugs......the platform is so outdated can't just take three years off and expect to bring it back...also, i believe they wrote it off for tax purposes how can bring it back???

  8. A successful Direct Access firm requires a big commitment to software development that these big retail firms(Cybertrader, Etrade, Ameritrade) seem to be missing.

    I doubt Ameritrade/Tradecast would make a serious competitor.
  9. Having had a number of accounts with different brokers/platforms I also agree TradeCast was the best. No frills or gimmicks to trip over, just a well laid out platform that was steady. Would rather they charge more per trade, not wanting a gang of people signing up and mucking up the service which was pretty good as I remember.