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  1. Ameritrade is closing down Tradecast, what other brokers use the Elite software?

  2. closing down? where did you read this? Are they selling off the platform? I think they paid like 140 mil for it.
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  4. I had a listing of brokers who use the Elite platform and can't find it and prefer it to others I've used. Tradecast said a decision about the software hasn't been made yet. They are closing Tradecast, copy of e-mail:

    Dear Client:

    Ameritrade Holding Corporation announced in October that Ameritrade Pro(tm), Division of TradeCast Securities, Ltd. would be discontinued. On February 10, 2003 your Ameritrade Pro account will be automatically converted to a standard Ameritrade account and you will have access to the Ameritrade website ( product and services as of market open that day.
  5. So what happens to the platform, it just fades into oblivion? That's too bad, always like Tradecast it was the platform I originally learned to trade on.