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    I have been using TradeBullet which is an auto order exectution program for the past two months and I wanted to report on the quality of this software product.

    TradeBullet may be the worst piece of software I have ever used. I have used it daily for two motnhs and I don't think it has worked properly for more than 10% of the time.

    The programmers behind this product clearly have no idea what they are doing, support is beyond horrible. Upgrades never work. Everytime there is an upgrade it is days to get it working again.

    Zero stars, avoid at all costs. Too bad, if it worked it would be nice.
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    In response to an email, tradebullet misses trades, it drops trades, it constantly rejects or invalidates trades for some reason, it changes quantities, ignores certain ticker symbols, and on and on. The is no aspect of it that works well in my opinion. I was using it with IB TWS (which it will not even support the most current version, so I had to install an older version)
  3. I have to say my experience with TradeBullet has been almost completely the opposite. I had some initial setup problems and Francis (from TB) was extremely helpful and got me up and running fast. When I have had any issues or questions he has always replied to my emails quickly; its a pleasure to work with someone is clearly so focused on their product (reminds me of QuoteTracker actually)

    I don't use IB as a broker so maybe that is a key difference but TB has been completely reliable for me (with MBT); Once configured properly it hasn't screwed up a single trade that I can recall and I've been using it for about 3 months now. At this point I am comfortable leaving it running unattended for periods of time.

    The only problems I have had have been issues between the C2 system limit orders being virtually filled vs my actual limit orders get filled but that isnt so much of a TB issue as a problem with trying to automatically trade someone elses signals and the resulting synchronization issues.

    Anyway, I would encourage anyone considering using C2 with TB to visit the autotrade forums at C2 and read the good and bad points that users have reported and decide for yourself if its what you are looking for. It certainly fits my needs.
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    After using Trade Bullet for 3 months with endless problems I guess I tried to get customer support one too many times and they instead just cancelled my subscription without any notice. So not only do they make lousy software, they are lousy businessmen as well. I guess business is so good they can indiscriminately cancels whoevers subscription they care. Fortunately using Trade Bullet was such a nightmare that I don't really miss it. I finally caught on when others suggested how better certain systems work when you didn't autotrade them.
  5. pismo10, now I am using tradebullet

    the experience is unpleasant

    it missed and rejected orders often

    cumtom support says it is a problem of IB

    how can?

    I can not tolerate it

    besides I wanna know which software are you using now

    thank you
  6. no I am using Tradestation 2000i build822

    IB tws 865 and Tradebullet build 313
  7. order are filled by TS2000

    but not executed

    custom support says it is a problem of IB
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    If you used it for 2 months and only got filled 10% of the time. LOL! Then its all on you for being that foolish and laxed.