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    the dll from ninjatrader is not supported for all software. what are you going to run?
  2. TradeStation >> TradeBullet >> IB
  3. maxpi, just curious but what type of functions are available in the DLL that you would find useful?
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    It's not as fully featured, as I recall, as was hyperorder. It would not run for me intrabar out of tradestation on volume bars, which is why I dropped it and don't recall that much. It would not run at all with volume bars with Multicharts and Multicharts is not supported by the NinjaTrader developers. Ninja has a forum actually, you can get on there maybe, and find out what's up. If you have NinjaTrader and you learn to code in C, which, with their wizards and examples and whatnot is really not all that difficult, you don't need the dll at all, Ninja has the charts, the autotrading interface, all of it, and I like the software more the more I use it. So far the only trouble I have is data gaps, and I'm using a freebie data source so it's very likely I can get a real data source and that problem will be gone.
  5. I run IQFeed and Ninja Trader....

    I really like them both....

    Good people on both sides....
  6. would you say that ninja trader is much better than trade bullet. I currently have Trade bullet, and support said I'll have to hire a custom programmer in order to access account balances at IB.

    I 'll take your advice and go to the ninja trader boards, but do you believe that this can be done using Ninja trader?

  7. Are you still happy with this service. I also intend to buy a lifetime licence of Ninja trader but I don't know if the broker's feed is enough or if I will need a real data vendor such as Iqfeed?

    IQFeed is quite expensive 70$ min per month! Is it really worth it?

    Thanks for the answer
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    I think [actually they indicated so on their forum] ninja will work with the mytrack feed which is pretty cheap last time I looked at it. I dl'd the mytrack software today but could not resurrect the password. Am waiting for mytrack to fill me in on that. The free [for YM data] OpenTick feed is ok for some things but Thursday and Friday I had to shut the computer down and I could not get the data gap to fill in so I'm shopping for a real feed. I like mytrack as a feed because they are solid and then there are a zillion other features they offer.
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    I'm reading the NT help section, not the forum, it has a function for getting the account position, long short flat and number of shares/contracts.
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