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  1. backman


    anyone have any experience with TRADEBOLT, a Tradestation add-on?

    (first saw it in Stocks and Commodities, which automatically makes me suspicious)
  2. I am using TradeBolt along with FnF (Friends & Family) Advisor accounts at IB. It works well without any problems and there are several options just like those provided with TS automation.

    If you want to check alternatives then and may suit your needs without the expense of using TB.
  3. backman


    I have minimal programming skills (easy language is more than i want to take on). Is Traderbolt language more straightforward, or should i plan on an outside vendor to write code for strategies?....

    thanx for alternatives...i'll check them out

  4. Are you aware of any TS add-on products that allow for bracket orders to be manually placed in the same way that Button Trader does for IB?


  5. MasonC

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    I have automated all of my systems on TradeStation 8 with Tradebolt. Tradebolt works great. The TS orders get sent and Tradebolt executes them. I am not familiar with the other systems.

    You can try a 30 day live market demo here:

    Please contact me if you have any questions.
  6. can someone clarify why there is a need for tradebolt, I was under the assumption that tradestation would automate trades on its own?
  7. AC3


    I cant add anything to Mason's post ... I use Tradebolt along with TS and it works great.
  8. TradeBolt

    TradeBolt TradeBolt, LLC

    There are several reasons to use TradeBolt. TradeBolt frees you up to trade your TradeStation strategy through the broker of your choice. If the broker of your choice is, for instance, a forex broker, TradeStation does not yet offer automated forex trading. In addition, TradeBolt offers the Universal Link API which allows you to optimize your strategies in ways that Easy Language does not.

    Our typical user is a professional trader who requires our combination of lightning execution and immediate support.