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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by mercurial, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. If anyone is useing tradestation and tradebolt here is a question for you:

    So far I have Tradestation generate entry signals which I execute manually using hot keys to enter bracket orders via the IB TWS . All of the orders have a ¼ pt target and a 4 pt stop trading ES.

    With such a small profit target market orders for the exits can turn a winning trade to a scratch, or worse a looser. Do you have any suggestions of how I could best code my system to work in conjunction with Tradebolt using limit orders generated by Tradestation signals?

    I have tried to use the built in Tradestation _stops_targets routine which can create an order intrabar but I think the orders are market orders. All of my own attempts at coding exits result in the system’s waiting for the next bar to execute limit orders.
    In short I’m trying toe get Tradestation and TradeBolt to reproduce what I dorecieve the entry signal from TS send a bracketed order (all limit orders) to IB, wait for next signal.

    If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.
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    First, if you post to the omega list @ eskimo or to Tradestation World, your ? will be in front of a larger Easy Language audience.

    FWIW, the only way I see doing this is having two data series.

    Say for instance ... data1 with an interval of 2 ticks and data2 with the interval set to your entry signal length.

    This way, the next bar would be formed quickly and your profit target would fire off almost instantly.


  3. It's a good idea but Tradestation won't allow more than one symbol when using tick charts.

    I'll follow your advise and post to an omegga list.


  4. rcreal


    You can also post the question to the developer at their forum board.
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    You can access data in other charts with the free Pushpop DLL. If you do a search on google I'm sure you can find it.
  6. I'll check out push pop...