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    TradeBolt is proud to announce that its hands-free trading™ is now fully integrated into the Open E Cry API. The connection through their proprietary API allows TradeBolt to offer unprecedented demo features. Users will be able to fill in their information and receive their Open E Cry demo details instantly.

    Open E Cry's online futures trading platform delivers speed and reliability electronic markets worldwide. OECTrader includes depth of market, advanced features including trailing stops, streaming quotes, charts with numerous indicators, advanced layout with configurable windows, broker instant messaging and real-time research - all on our easy to use, no cost commodities trading platform. Call today (1-800-977-2658) or go to for more details.
  2. nkhoi


    I don't see any news from OEC but exactly how does it work? where do I find your feature on their platform?
  3. Tradebolt you did it again, Thanks!

    I want to try my hand at automating something I found on the ER and I am using the new java charts in OEC. Is it difficult to use Tradebolt, or can a non-programmer accomplish this?

    It has a simple logic/code. It uses an indicator in OEC's charts and does not enter the first half hour of the RTH. It has defined targets based on a longer chart and a time stop.

    Michael B.
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    Hi Guys

    nkhoi - You will not find TradeBolt as a feature on their platform. You would run TradeBolt seperately. In fact, since TradeBolt connects to their servers directly, there is no need to run their platform at all, unless you use it for some other purpose as well.

    ElectricSavant - It's pretty simple to use TradeBolt. If you use Wealth-Lab Developer or TradeStation, it's plug-and-play. If you're using a different application, it may require some programming, using our Universal Link API.

    The Universal Link was designed to be easy for any programmer to use. We offer custom programming services for strategy developers who don't program, as well.

  5. What additional prices are we taklking about trading futures with OEC using TradeBolt?
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    TradeBolt charges for Open E Cry are as low as $.10 per side.
  7. It was very simple to hookup tradebolt to open e cry. very simple. and getting tradestation to send orders also very simple. my only problem because i trade on open e cry all day i didn't spend very much time with tradebolt. today, i said to myself, im going to really dedicate some time to really watching open e cry and tradebold work together and you know what happened? my 14 day trial ran out so i didn't get a chance to see how quick orders get from the TS8 trade manager to open e cry/tradebolt. Prices on open ecry are reasonable. $1.00 or $.20each for r 2500 r/ts. Tradebold? i need a few days more of testing. Its hard to switch your mind from live trading to concentrating on a simulation.
    ps hey electric savant, thanks for the message in the other thread.
  8. :)

    ps hey electric savant, thanks for the message in the other thread
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    Hi Pat

    We don't actually control the duration of the demo accounts. You can sign up for another one using a different email address (use this link to do that).

    If that's not an option, give me a call at 800-977-2658 or email, and I may be able to have Open E Cry extend your current demo account.