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    no -

    hopefully shut down.

    fools paradise.
  3. I check that site out from time to time. It's pretty good, strong UK focus, a bit too much forex and spread betting, but the people there are in general more intelligent than your average ET-poster.
  4. Opposed to this rose garden?
  5. A very good site. Particularly the Knowledge Lab, as well as the traders' encyclopedia they're putting together.
  6. Its ok, but its more orientated towards begginers in the UK.

    There arent any $million traders on that board.
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    Less trash-talk than this site.
  8. Yes, there are so many on this one. :)
  9. Trade2win isn't easy to search, because of owners
    mistake for making too many differnet forums.

    It's realy hard to browse those many forums and
    participants are spreaded all over, resulting less
    activity in each single forum.

    Trade2win looks very messy, while ET is very
    clean and clear to look at.

    some intersting features at T2w are:

    -you can search traders by location, city,....
    -they give you free email address with domain
    -you can see when last time each member came online
    despite of his inactivity
  10. I agree that ET has much better layout thatn T2W.
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