Trade2win.vs Elite Trader

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    Trade2win.vs Elite Trader

    Trade2win got just over 50,000 members and Elite Trader have just over 50,000.also But the difference between the two is. you don't need to be a member to read the post on Elite Trader but you got to register with trade2win to read the post.

    There is far more post on Elite Trader.....The only reason trade2win makes you register before you can read the posts is, to knock up the number of members, so when they advertise they say "hey know 50,000 members" in reality, if you had to register with Elite Trader to read the post, there would be well over 300,000 members.

    Trade2win you still a Baby compered to Elite Trader.
  2. If Trade2win changes their layout, i will take part there. Problem is, it's not search friendly site, as result of this most questions goes unreplied

    If they change the Look of their site, Trade2win just needs 20 active poster (let that be part of 10 active moderator and thoses who don't take part in chitchat) to make T2W more active than ET
  3. Pekelo


    Of course neither have 50 000 members, but just to make you guys happy, here are the stats:

    ET / T2W

    Traffic ranks: 6815 / 26106 (Google's is 2)

    Speed: average / very slow

    Links to site: 386 / 106

    Average loadtime: 1.8 s / 5.5 s
  4. markc


    I hardly bother with T2W simply because of the slow speed. It is really irritating.
  5. buzz


    Further more there is a lot of Banning at Trade2win and over nothing I know of a lot of good traders who have been banned one was an Ex s&p trader and they banned him lol how stupid is that, the Mods are very child like kicking traders out. I know one trader who never ever posted any thing of bad taste, in fact I he had a good following of his Live calls, but there was one Guy who did not like him he was called Mrmarcus,only because this trader showed him up in a live chat room, so his best friend Frugie/Mod had him banned. They are very clicky at trade2win if you face don"t fit, then you got no chance with the Mods.

  6. Trade2win seems to be a popular destination point for banned ET members or for those that don't like the moderating at ET and have said they are leaving ET because of the moderating.

    I like the moderating at ET.

  7. buzz


    God help them at trade2win then, if they have been banned at ET I find ET easy going, I myself dont use bad language, but a lot on ET do and I dont see them getting banned. You cant say bugger on T2W they on you back giving you a warning, Mods saying next time you be banned.

    There is only paper traders left at T2W they banned most of the Pros. Because the Pros say it as it is, and the Mods at T2W dont like that,
  8. BENG


    I like the functionalities of T2W website, Knowledge Lab and Traderpedia.

    However, I do spend a lot more time on ET.
  9. i noticed mods take sides with vendors sponsorin' da site; if u say somethin' wrong 'bout 'em u get banned, innit[?]
    there's a fella there who claims to be a guru in daytradin' naz stocks and charge 1000s of POUNDS for his seminars...he teaches how to read da tape on nasdaq...R0R, like if there was somethin' to read on teck...u know who am talkin' 'bout innit[?] bramble is actually one of da fews that stand up to da guy and tell him and others how it is...he gets hammered by mods on a reg basis, R0R.
  10. I mainly post on TW2 but then I'm London based.

    Tbh there seem to be far more 19 year old know-it-alls
    here than TW2 (or they are tolerated far more), here
    too many peeps appear to stick the knife in just to boost
    their ego.

    Just an observation.
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