Trade your way through College- NOT

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  1. They will realize that there are very few people that have the inner makeup for this game. Very few!
  2. most can't even trade full time as a profession.
    forget it.
    study hard and go to medical schl/dental schl.
    trading should be a step away from robbery.
    it's a tough tough business.
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    Trading can be a very profitable and lucrative business, but I believe it is much more important to have good grades and GPA at a well respected school than to trade through college. If you have good grades from a good business school you can try trading after school, if you don't like it you can always do something else in business...
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    It is possible to trade and manage school as well. I am doing it now. Hard but doable. However, it will be the same as always-95% will fail.
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    if they get kids scalpin for a penny on low commish, it really won't be that hard, or that risky.

    Now getting them to "actually trade", whatever that is supposed to mean, is probably more of a task.

    I can see why daytrading gets this "95 percent" failure rate after watching a high volume penny scalper vs. a low volume swing trader playing things like VLO, BRCM, GOOG, ect.

    I think the latter is a lot riskier, and much harder to teach. Although in honest, swing trader is a lot more exciting and potentially profitable from those I've seen do it.

    I wonder which style, if any, they will promote.
  6. sheesh ... what nonsense .. swift-trade sure looks
    to be following the old "datek boys" model ...
    hope they don't mess up regulatory wise
    like Heartland Sec. did

    -Swift Trade Campus-
    -"With hard work, students could make approximately
    $100 in a three-hour shift."-

    (at least they know when to cut off stupidity
    in their trainees)

    -"But there is a built-in profit-guard that tells a trader
    when it's time to call it a day. The system will
    only tolerate so much loss before in one session, meaning
    bad days get cut short."-

  7. Trading Bubble
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    They're not looking for turtles, more like fresh meat to grind in their commission machine.
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