Trade your career for another ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TKOtrader, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. My friend and I were just yapping back and forth with each other and he believes that any daytrader like myself would trade jobs with him. He is a physical therapist. Would any of u traders trade your career trading to be a physical therapist ??:confused:

    Please respond so he can see this !!
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    Well, I always wanted to be a long-haul truck driver, but got in to undertaking at an early age, and ended up trading. But I still long for the open road.
  3. Huuum...Thats a difficult one....Spending my days caressing, and massaging the broken hip of a half-naked 75 year old women in a hospital gown wearing a colostomy bag

    Its a toughy but I'm gonna say trading
  4. No ...
  5. Yeah Right !

    I wake up, walk downstairs to my office, maybe some Bach, a fire, grab a coffee, and at 10:00 AM start trading.

    and I never have to touch a fat man's hairy leg....
  6. LMFAO at pythagoras
  7. I would only trade careers, for a much easier one, like a personal trainer to the rich Ladies!!! lol
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    Do I have to learn?

  9. nitro


    ditto without the ...

    metoo, you have to start being more concise.

  10. cheeks


    Physical therapist? Hell no.

    Strip club manager...... might be a different story.
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