Trade with a Laptop outside the home

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  1. Hello,I'm french,I live in Marseille,I trade french futures market cac40.
    As many traders,stay all days at home is sometimes hard.
    I know that the laptops can surf on the web,but in France,one minute by surfing on the web is equal to one minute by cellular phone,also can be 0.5 euros ou 0.5$ by minute.
    I have heard that in USA,we could choice an unlimited fixed price ,for example, I pay 50$ or a little more to surf one month without limits with a laptop.
    I don't know american providers who could give that and if it's possible if I live in France,thank you for the help and good trades !
  2. Unfortunately, you will not be able to access usa wireless providers. The networks are based on the cellular infrastructure, and do not have enough range to reach you

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  3. Thank you for your quickly and nicely answer,bye
  4. What US services have the best deals for always on connection during the day?

    I realize this is still reagional, but they (wireless cos) are getting more national with their price plans
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    security hazard.

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    is not that big of a deal with wireless DSL, they use 128 bit encryption, reception is by a dish however. Now if I can figure a way to get that service and retransmit it around my town so I can roam and use the internet.... or use a portable dish.... I can just see myself sitting in the cafe' with my dish antenna on the table... not too hip looking for sure... a dish disguised as a..... you guys have to stop getting me off on these tangents!!

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    I once saw a guy in Mcdonald's who had a laptop on a platform hang in front of his belly. You know, he looked great, one hand with a cup of diet coke and the other on touchpad ready to press sell or buy buttons. He reminds me cigarettes retailer on the streets in the old time.

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    I will disguise the dish as a carton of cigarettes.. or better yet I will disguise it as a laptop and use a palm pilot for trading!!