"trade what you see" morons

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Poole, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. ElCubano


    seeing it go up...buy
    seeing it go down ...sell

    sounds pretty simple to me.....

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  2. Hmm, only a couple posts and this guy is already calling people "morons". I smell a new trader28 alias.....

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  3. A very reasonable explanation.

    Traders, sim or real will always trade what they see if they are staring at a chart for their source information.

    How can they not!

    The implication of this thread ( omitting 'moron') is that different people see different things, a bit like describing an accident after the event.

    A new Trader will trade what he/she sees and usually gets it wrong.
    As they progress with their training they will add complication to their screen then trade what they see and still get it wrong.

    Eventually (assuming there is an 'eventually') they will strip away the complications and trade what they see and since it is what the market is delivering, they get it right.

    At all times they trade what they see since the eyes are merely a portal to both sides of the brain.

    The ability to observe clearly that which the market is delivering is the keystone to continual trading. I do not need to add the word 'profitable' because it is always implied. In other words without profit there is no 'continual'

    'trade what you see' belongs with other such gems as 'the trend is your friend' and 'catch a falling knife'

    Personally I do not care for' trends' and I always enter and exit against momentum ( 'falling knives') in order to trigger limits quickly
    But that is just me.
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