"trade what you see" morons

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Poole, Oct 4, 2007.

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    along with "I am a trader, I don't care if the market goes up or down", seems like the cool and stupid thing to say on ET these days

    So, someone, please explain how you trade what you see (without predicting anything - of course - extreme sarcasm)
  2. i see dead people
  3. If its a serious question start at the beginning of anekdoten's thread. No bias required.
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    With enough experience and screen time you will know what it means.
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    oh yeah

    that excellent thread

    the one where you trade with the trend.....

    the one where you PREDICT the trend will continue...... that one?

    I would have no problem with "trade what you see" if it was renamed to "Look at what you see, then predict what happens next, then punt your trade based on whatever nonsense you visually saw and then predicted what would happen next".

    Ironically this technique sounds like virtually every other directional trading techniques, just substitute the methodology, but leave the prediction part in there.....
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    I haven't quite figured out the matrix yet...... maybe when it comes out in HDDVD though i'll see something i missed?
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    There's a big difference between not caring whether the market goes up or down and not predicting whether the market will go up or down. anyone who claims they don't or there system does not predict anything obviously should not be trading. even systems that utilyze money management primarily or entirely are actually predicting what the market will do, although they don't always recognize this fact.

    as for "trade what you see", i would take that quote to preclude overall market bias and opinions formed based on media and fundamentals, and to simply focus on the data.

  8. Hello Poole, you are correct. There is in fact no trade what you see, that is nonsense, you do not see anything in future. Cliche. Correct is if chart looks like this than high probably market will react this way (the forecast can be very accurate for nearest future but it is like with weather - truth is what you see from window righ now). Short term anticipation.

    Moreover marketmakers are often fooling and correct should be trade opposite how it looks - by not very liquid stocks this is very often true.

    Everything is short term predicting. By somebody like me it is extrememly important because I trade one list of stocks on up day, second on down day and third on consolidation.
    If I am not correctly guessing how will day look I am usually loosing, If I am +- correct than :D
  9. I learned hard lesson on this wisedom. most likely you will lose if you trade what you will see, particularly day trading. the problem is: human brain is not designed to see things objectively, they see things subjectively. for example, if you feel bearish about the market, then you will take a rally pullback as a sell signal in a strong up trend, or you will see strong buy signal in a downtrend pullback.

    I think the thing should be put it that way: when you trade or try to put a trade, ask yourself: " am I objective?" the most important question. you can find it whether you are objective or not: like " I want to make bla bla.. money today", " I want to recoup my last trade's loss today", " I hate this stock, so I better short it", ..... all those are subjective, if you have those things in your mind, then you will not see the market objectively, you will lose

    ther question is: " do I have a strong reason about this trade: panic buy? peak sell? profit-taking ride? news is coming?...."
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    What about blind people?
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