trade what you hope, not what you see or think PERT I

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    trade what you hope will happen, not what you see or worse yet, think PART 1
    trading is like wishful thinking in discovering the next move or series of moves--very much like checkers or even handball, one needs to just close your eyes, and hope for the best. trading what you see is living in the past and doomed to mediocre success ( if you have talent) and outright failure if you do not. as has been pointed out in several popular market books and by countless cognitive psychologists--- the eye is very deceiving to the brain, no where is this more apparent than in real time chart reading. it is obvious that charts deceive so we trade what we think, not what we see.

    i am tired of the same old thing being said over and over again when it comes to charts and trading. same thing, different angle over and over--so i am going to present something a little different in this series....

    the tradingwithtampa daytrading methodology involves blind faith, and 38 point hard stops, knowing that what we hope for is not always what we get but being mindful that it could happen and applying the art of intuitive wishful thinking chart reading to circumvent the inherent problems in trading what you see. i will elaborate further soon...


  2. Tampon Bro I hear ya! Sometimes I'm bringin' the ball upcourt and I see Van Horne camped out 'neeth the basket wit position, and I know that the percentage play is passin' the ball down into the low post. But then I get to thinkin' that me throwin' up a prayer is as good as The Answer tryin' to get an assist! That's why I'm glad Coach Brown aint ' round here no more, 'cause I'd rather just shoot than have some playbook.
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