Trade war... World war 3

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bat1, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. bat1


    Could history repeat it's self

    Did we not have a trade war with Japan before the Japanese
    hit Hawaii back in 1940?

    Seems like it's already started

    Look around the world today.
  2. yep, physical wars are moving out, just look at the currency markets... Someone could write a book about all the shit the central banks do to each other.
  3. Took a crash course in Great Depression Era Economics late last year, around 20 textbooks worth.

    The thing that stood out the most, for me, was that in the chaos of economic strife, nobody seemed to see the clouds of WWII gathering.

    Back any animal into the corner and it will fight to survive.

    Whole lotta people, world-wide, act cornered right now.